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Our free billing software will help you make more money. You will be able to control every detail of your business.


Real time stat

You will know your margins after any call right after hanging up, wherever you are, from your cell phone, tablet or PC. We will keep you informed of how much money you have made, even from the beach!

Our Virtual Biller shows daily and monthly reports of sales and margins.


Automated prefix and pricing management

Currently there are more than 14.000 prefixes and there are in continuous change. With only one destination with wrong prefixes you can burn a whole weeks profit.

With our Virtual Biller you will never have to worry about prefixes again. We will make sure you never loose money again.

With our pricing system you won’t have to waste time filling endless destination lists, you will only have to change the destinations that are important for you. We will do the rest for you to assure you make the money you deserve.


Better quality

With over 6 years in the telecom business, managing 150+ million minutes every year and more than 180 world class suppliers, we can deliver unmatched quality. We work with the best VoIP phones with HD audio.

Your customers will speak more and better. You will sell more and profit more.

 Tus clientes hablarán más y mejor, tu venderás más y ganarás más.

By giving your customers a $2 gift, you can make $20 a day and hundreds of mobile customers from which you will make up to 10% on top-ups!

With just a simple sms to your customer, sent from the Cyberfonica website, you will gift him $2 to use on the app and you will make:

  • $1 per download
  • 5% commission on all his top-ups
  • 5% commission on top-ups in your shop

You will win $1 extra on all top-ups in your shop and up to 10% on hablapp top-ups!


Make money on gifts to your customers

From any screen on our webpage, with just 3 clicks, you gift your customer $2 and you make $1! Your customer receives an sms with a link to download the app and, when he downloads ir, you will see your profit increase.


Real time reporting

Complete control over your sales and profit at all time. You can see how much your mobile hablapp customers top up and see your commission increase.

Hablapp, a fantastic product

Hablapp mobile app is the only international calling service that shows what it is going to cost you before and after each call. It also shows remaining balance any time, full transparency. For more information, please enter


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